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I'm having some email issues in regards to my newly setup ipad and my existing aol accounts.  At the Apple store the associate showed me a link in aol so that you only have an inbox, no more of that second box, recently deleted.  This way all mail stays in your inbox after you've read it.  I was having a problem when I was reading emails in the Apple mail and them getting sent to the recently deleted box in aol.  I'm trying to stop using the aol mail, but until it's seamless, I'm still using it.  Anyway, I used the link at the Apple store and it worked for my one account, everything stayed there and I'm able to open mail in my Apple mail without losing them in aol.  I did the same thing to two other email accounts that I have in aol and it worked, only an inbox now.  But I'm having issues with those last two email accounts, the number of emails in aol and Apple are not correct.  The emails are there, but the numbers are not correct, why is this?  One other issue that I don't like is that when I send an email from aol, it only shows my email address to the receiver.  But when I send an email from the Apple mail, it shows my complete name, not the email address.  How do I set the Apple mail to only show the email address to the receiver, not my actual name?

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    Try this first - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. (This is equivalent to rebooting your computer.)


    Or this - Delete the account in Mail and then set it up again. Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Accounts   Tap on the Account, then on the red button that says Remove Account.



     Cheers, Tom

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    Thanks Tom, I'm still having some trouble figuring this out, can't find the information.


    I was able to figure out the settings to control the name on the email, but the other issues I'm having still exist. 


    Let's see if I can sumerize this a little better?


    Here is the link that seems to have mixed things up on me: alId=223569


    When I did this at the Apple store it worked and only removed the "recently deleted" folder.  This way all mail that is read stays in the "inbox".  This is within the AOL website.  By doing this, I didn't have to worry about reading mail in the Apple mail and it getting deleted in AOL.  It works, but has caused some problems for the other accounts that I did this for.  


    I followed that link to remove the "recently deleted" folder from two other accounts that I have in AOL.  When I did this, the two accounts that I updated now are missing functions within the AOL site, i.e. reply, reply to all, and forward.  Not sure why that happened?


    But the biggest issue is that those two accounts are not keep track of the email count.  One account had a lot of emails, they're still there, but the number is way off.  On the first account that I updated previously, the email count didn't change, but for new mail it's not registering correctly, like the other two accounts.


    In the Apple mail, the same thing is going on, mail counts are off, hundreds of emails are visible, but the count shows 100?


    Why would mail counts not be accurate in both AOL mail and Apple mail?  I'm really stumped here. 

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    The response above is from me, I was accidentally logged in under my wife's log in.  Sorry. 

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    LIttle bit of an update, but I really could use some help here.  I went to a One to One class today and this is where I stand; when I log into any of my aol accounts from their site, my inbox's show no mail count.  All of the mail is there, but there is no mail count.  The same thing is now happening in my Apple mail, the mail is there, but no count.  I'm relieved on one end that at least it's the same scenario in either application.  However, I prefered how it was before, each application had a total mail count for each account.  For Apple, it would show a total mail account for all three accounts on the icon, but once inside the mail it would show an individual count, just like AOL.


    Does anyone know how to restore the mail count for Apple?  I prefer on my ipad not to see the total, but want to see the count for each address once I'm inside the mail.  On my Imac, it doesn't matter because the count on the icon only shows when the application is open. 


    If anyone knows about AOL and why things have changed for me there, I'm open to suggestions on how to get the mail count back there as well.  But for now, I'd be relieved to have accurate mail counts in Apple. 

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    Ok, some more things I'm noticing this morning:


    1)  On my iMac, there are two log ins, one for me and one for my wife.  When I log in and check my mail, the numbers are not next to each mail address or the icon itself, unless they are only new mails.  The only place that shows all of my emails is on the top of the screen, but only for that one account that is active.  What's weird is that my wife's email  counts still exist next to each address, not just for new mail. 


    2)  On my ipad, there is no mail count at all, the emails are there, but just like in my Mac, the count that used to be next to each email address is no longer there.


    At this point it seems that changing to the unified mail in aol did some weird things.  I don't care if my accounts act oppositely on the aol site, but for the Apple mail, I want to see my email count next to each address, both on my Mac and my ipad.  How do I do that?

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    Not much of an update, but before I pull all the hair out of my head, I'm in deeper than I thought.  I was just reading some older posts and someone mentioned to just set all the mail in aol as unread.  I went into each of my aol accounts from their site on my mac, but when I mark all messages as unread, it only shows 100 for each account.  So now when I go back to my imac mail or ipad mail, each account shows 100 next to it.  So yeah marking as unread did show what I wanted on my Apple machines, but it's not actual.  Why is the number in aol limited to 100 on the unread messages?  I clearly have more than that, but it can only mark 100 as unread?  This stuff is driving me nuts, I should have left the aol boxes un-unified and just stopped using not.  Now I've created a monster that I can't control. 

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    Ok, so here it what I tried and I'm still baffled.  I went back to each aol account (aol site in safari on my mac) and got rid of the unified mail.  I'm back to a new mail tab and an old mail tab.  This is how everything was before the issue that I'm having.  Here is where I'm baffled, I took all the old mail and marked it as unread, it put that mail into the new mail tab.  But, the count for new mail will not go over 100.  On my apple devices, 100 is showing for each account and the badge app shows 300, for three accounts.  Even in the aol for ipad app, it's registering just like the Apple mail.  So I learned something here, I'm back to where I started and I'm getting the Apple devices to read the mail, but now something has happend in aol that won't let the count go above 100.  Now I know this is an Apple forum, but does anyone know or can point me in a direction to figure this out?  I'm willing to leave my aol mailboxes as they are, new mail/old mail, because at least that way the Apple devices are registering the mail.  But the counts are not corrrect and that 100 limit is baffling me. 

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    Still forging ahead here and have found out something that doesn't make sense, but it worked.  I'm not happy, but I'm back to where I started before I switched to the unified box in aol.  I still have some differences that I need help with.


    So I went back to the old mail and hit mark as unread, but like I mentioned in my last post, only 100 appeared.  So I went back and did it again, **** it, another 100 got put into the new mail tab.  I kept doing that until all the emails were back in the new mail tab.  Went back to my mac and ipad, both now are accurate to what's in my aol inbox for each account. 


    I don't know why the unified mailbox in aol worked for one account, but once I tried doing the other ones, things weren't syncing correctly.  But here is a scenario that is confusing to me, I sent a test email to one of my accounts from the aol site.  When I read the mail in Apple, it reduced the number by one, saying 507 messages, 506 unread.


    How do I keep messages as unread in Apple mail?  I want that number to read 507, not 506.  What bothers me now is that if I view any of the 506 other emails in Apple, the number will reduce as it seems to mark them as read.   I want my total number to remain as the number of total emails, read or not.  How do I do that?

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    How do I keep messages as unread in Apple mail?  I want my total number to remain as the number of total emails, read or not.  How do I do that?

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    You would need to select them all and mark them all as unread.

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    I see how to select a single email as unread, but how do you select all to mark them as unread?  Now that's on my imac.


    What about on my ipad?  I don't see anywhere to mark emails as unread?  How can I do that?


    I also notice on my imac a box named VIPs, how do I minimize that and how did emails get in there?

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    How do I tell the number of read emails on my ipad, not the count next to each email address?  I'm asking this because on my imac there is a count on the top of the screen, it says; inbox, email address and then # of messages and # of unread messages.  I can't figure out where this is displayed on my ipad? 


    Another weird thing, on the my ipad, the mail app shows 14 emails, but I have the badge app icon off for each email address.  Why is 14 present if I have all of my messages marked as unread? 


    What is this; notification center, mail, "show in notification center", include, then the options are 1 unread item, 5, 10, or 20.  What is this? 

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    Just wanted to bring this back up as I'm still baffled by a few things, please see my last post here.  Thanks.

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    Still could use some help, please see my previous post, plus a few more questions I have: 


    Still trying to understand Apple mail and how it works.  If I go back to the unified inbox in aol, then my mail count will only register for new messages (badge app and next to my email address), but the unread will show in mac (top of screen) and aol.  However I'm still confused as the ipad doesn't show read mail, or does it?  I can't figure that one out. 


    Lastly, do read emails ever get deleted in Apple mail?  What about in aol mail?  That's the other reason why I'm unsure about switching to the unifed inbox in aol/apple.   I don't want to lose any of my read mail.  

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