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    It's starting to come together, thanks again.


    Over the weekend I'm planning on switching my aol settings to have only an inbox, this way it works like the Apple mail.  Will verify some things on the iPad and see what happens.  I know that I'm going to have some more questions.

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    Oh, two more things for tonight:


    Since there is no mail days to sync, does that mean that my emails will stay and not get deleted?


    Is there any way to see the number of read emails on the iPad?  I'm using the Apple mail app and see all of my emails, but want to know how many are there?  On my iMac, when I'm in the Apple mail, on top of the screen is a count of read and unread emails.  I would like to see that on my ipad, if there is a way?

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    I doubt all your mail stays on your iPad, scroll to the bottom of your mail and see what's the oldest mail there . From what I can find mailboxes only shows unread mail.

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    Ok, bunch of questions as I unified the aol mail box for each email address, etc.  Now all of my emails are marked as read in Apple mail and also for aol in safari.  The only number on the badge app is new, unread mail.  Same thing as aol in safari.  On both my mac and aol in safari, I can see the total number of read emails. 


    On my ipad all of my emails are there, but there is no way to see the amount of read emails.  Is there a way to view the number of read emails like on my imac?  I searched and searched, can't figure it out.  It works on the mac, figured there has to be a way? 


    Is anyone familar with aol in safari?  I'm asking because in one of my accounts, the buttons on top appear like this:

    Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 7.32.51 PM.png
    However, two of my other accounts are missing the reply, reply to all, and forward.  Does anyone know how to add these to the accounts that are missing them?  The only thing I can find is how to remove the words for each, but nothing for adding the whole button. 
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    Aloha Andy, The only way I know of to get the amount of read emails is to add the flagged mailbox and then flag each email when you read it. As to the missing buttons on the AOL website, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap PC site, hopefully the buttons are there.

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    Mahalo Bob, I definately don't want to add another mail box on my ipad.  If anyone else knows of a way to see the total amount of read emails on an ipad, using apple mail, please let me know.


    In regards to the missing buttons in aol, I'm referring to aol in safari, I don't see any option for PC site.  This is not on my ipad, it's when I'm on the aol site in safari. 


    Rather than starting a new thread, I have two other things I'm trying to do and could use some help.  If I should start a new thread, someone please let me know.


    1)  Is there a way to delete a lot of photos at once on the ipad?  I don't want to delete all of the pictures, but a large selection of them.


    2)  Every time I open my calendar on my imac, I get this error message:

    Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.46.57 AM.png
    I believe it's because the "one to one" appointments are done under my wife's apple id.  Even so, I want them to appear in my calendar, which they do, but every time I open the calendar on my imac, I get that error.  How do I stop this? 
    I am also not getting the same calendar to appear on my ipad, how do I get this to sync?  Some things are there, but not all.
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    Aloha Andy, If you took the pictures with with your iPad open camera roll, tap select, tap all the photos you need to delete, tap the trash can. If you transferred the photos from your computer you'll need your computer to delete them. Can't help you with calendars, sorry. Also there's nothing wrong with starting a new thread if you have a new question and you'll probably get more responses to a new post.

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