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I've been using an iPhone since the first release, but I've never had as much trouble with an app as with Passbook.  I use several different merchants who support Passbook, but no matter what I do with any of them...Passbook just sits there...empty.


I have location servives turned on, but here's an good example.  I just purchased a 2-fer deal from DoubleTakeOffers.com (they support and recommend Passbook) and I get the email which says I must add this to Passbook while reading it on my iPhone.  In the email I "tapped" the coupon at the bottom of the email and it magically appears on the front page of Passbook...great.  But then it's not there the next time I open Passbook. 


When I go to Passbook there is nothing clickable on the front page of the app at all...so where did the coupon go that I just added to it.  Everywhere I look I see screenshots of Passbook that shows the different areas that are supposed to be clickable on the app home page (coupons, flights, gift cards, etc.).  I don't have these.  Thankfully, I always print out my coupons from these offer places as I wouldn't be able to show the merchant my phone as I'm supposed to be able to do.


I also downloaded the DoubleTakeOffers app for Password, and it's on my phone, but as a standalone app and it has my coupon.  But the way I understand it...the coupons are supposed to be in Passbook as well.  What am I missing here?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9)