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From time to time, the eject button disappears (in the finder window) from an external device.  It is also grayed out on the menu.  So I can just yank out the device and get the message that I'm supposed to eject the device.


My questions:


1. Is there some reason the eject disappears?

2. Is there some way to get it back?

3. Is there another way to eject?

4. Is there any real harm in yanking out the device without ejecting?



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    1. probably but don't know what it is.
    2. not sure.
    3. Yes - go to finder preferences > general and ensure external disks and CD's/DVD's/iPods are checked.  Now they should appear on your desktop.  When you want to disconnect, drag to Trash - Trash turns into eject arrow and it will eject device.
    4. There is a risk that you will lose data - although I have occasionally forgotten and pulled device out without ejecting first and have yet to have problems.  Would avoid doing this if possible - chances are if there's a warning, there's a risk!
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    Thanks.  Problem solved.