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I really need some help,


I've been trying to install windows 7 on my Imac mid 2010 but without succes. I tried everything. I edited my info.plist file but also without succes!

Since I installed Mavericks my mac can't read the Windows 7 installer disk. I don't know why!? If i put it into my computer i just hear it buzzing a few times and then it gets ejected. So thats why i coppied the install .iso file to my USB and tried to install windows from there but i always get this "No bootable device, insert installdisk and press any key" message! I've also tried burning the file to a DVD but my computer can't read that disc too. It says the burning has completed succesfully but if i put it back into my computer it just says its an empty disc. I've tested the burned DVD and the original windows 7 DVD on my macbook pro and there it worked. A DVD icon popped up with both of the windows files but thats doesn't happen on my Imac!


Please help me i've been searching online for so long now and i can't find the answer.

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    Hi WiljanDeroo,


    Welcome to the Support Communities!


    I'm not sure where you are in the process, so I'm including the information on how to install Windows using Boot Camp.


    Mac Basics: Using Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp



    Boot Camp: Installing Windows 7 Frequently Asked Questions



    I hope this information helps ....

    Have a great day!



    - Judy

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    Hi Judy,


    I am sorry to say but the information you send me wasn't able to help me. I now understand that my iMac is not bootable from a USB device and for some reason my internal SuperDrive stopped reading DVD's. I do not know why this happened but it started rejecting DVD's since i installed OS X Mavericks. I am not sure if this already was the case in 10.9 but i just noticed it in 10.9.1.


    I have been looking for everything for the past week. I've tried installing it true Parallels by installing the windows files on a custom bootcamp partition i made. I am sure i made the partition bootable but then there was an error saying "NO BOOTMGR - press ctrl/alt/del. So that didn't work out either.


    I am so frustrated because i really don't know what the problem is. The only thing I know is that i probably my only option is to install Windows 7 true a W7 DVD installer. And because of my SuperDrive not working i am unable to.


    Thank you for the information though! I really appreciate getting an answer


    - WiljanDeroo

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    Hi WiljanDeroo.


    I am currently having the exact same problem with my i7 imac late '09. It stopped reading DVD's since updating to mavericks, even the snow leopard boot disc that came with it, and ive been trying for half a day now with the usb, which it won't read.


    I've read several solutions, that supposedly has worked for them, like formating the usb to fat32 prior to allowing bootcamp to do its thing making sure its 'clean' with emphasis on clean..,Reprioritising your bios priorities, which order it reads what drive... A guy stated that he got his imac to read the dvd, by holding the mac, in order for it to lie horisontically thus easier reading the dvd(tried- didnt work...)..., also read something about a battery that insures its ability to read dvds/usb's needing a change.


    Not for much use any of it, but yea just wanted to share that you aren't alone in that paddleless boat...



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    Hi nitrez,


    I appreciate your answer and i'm so glad i'm not the only one with my kind of problem. I've searched A LOT of guides on how to install it with USB or manually without DVD and it appeared to work for some people but doesn't work for my computer. And looking at your story i don't think it worked for you either. I've seen the post of the guy laying his iMac horisontically and i tried it myself. (no succes) I'm pretty sure that since all of the things i've tried, my iMac isn't bootable from a USB at all. I guess the only thing that will work for us is to install windows 7 true DVD...so, i don't think my mac is bootable at all atm.


    Thank you for your reply and i hope we both find a fix for this!

    If i manage to install Windows 7 on my mac i'll let you know first!


    Good luck! nitrez



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    Hi guys!


    I was finally able to get windows 7 on my mac!

    The thing i did was installing it true parallels, wich i tried already but then on a different way.

    I was able to install it with this video but i did have some problems so if you have any problem. You can always ask me!


    Here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btf8G8Yk0XI

    You don't need to do the first part in wich you have to make a custom DVD with Toast.`

    But i recommend you watch the full video!


    I hope this work for everyone!

    Good luck.

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    Hi WiljanDeroo,


    Thank you for your solution. i had the same problem and it bother for me for a long time, i've try the way what you shared, and it's prefect!!! Thank you for your sharing.

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    I had the same problem since last one week on my iMac 21.5 inch mid 2011 machine. But finally figured the solution which worked for me. Below is the solution.


    1) Make sure the Macintosh is partitioned to single drive. Use disk utility and select partition tab. Delete all other partitions except the main mac hd partition. Select extended Mac journal partition.

    2) Once done download Daemon tools free trail  from http://www.daemon-tools.cc/downloads link and install on the iMac

    3) Now use your Windows 7 / 8  64bit OS iso file to mount using daemon tools.

    4) Also make sure you have same windows 7/8 64 bit os available in dvd aswell. Else get a DVD burn and keep ready.

    5) Now open Bootcamp which is under Utilities.

    6) Select both the options if you have not downloaded the support windows boot camp drivers.

    7) Download the windows support bootcamp drivers and save it on external USB drive

    8) Select windows installation and continue.

    9) The bootcamp will detect the mounted windows 7/8 64 bit iso via daemon tool and will continue.

    10) From here just follow the instructions shown by boot camp.

    11) On restart you need to make sure you inserted the windows7/8 64 bit dvd into disc drive as daemon tools get detected no more.

    12) On successful detection of windows disc, the installation will be carried out as usual.

    13) Once windows installation is done please make sure you install the boot camp support software that you downloaded on external drive.

    that's it.