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I'm not the server guy, so I'm just relaying this from the guy that works on our servers.  But our Xsan server with about 60TB of video has crashed.  Most of it is backed up to LTOs, but not everything.  It stands to set our film back months with reingesting the footage as well.  Please let us know if you can help with the issue!



I grew a volume and it worked.   Then there was a power supply failure and the volume went away.   I fixed the power issue and the volume still did not come back so I put the old configs back and the volume showed up briefly.  Now the volume will not start.  I have run some CVFSCK’s and still nothing.
Here is the latest terminal screen shot


meta1:Volumes admin$ sudo cvfsck -vw OCEAN3


Checked Build disabled - default.


#!@$ Revision 4.2.2 Build 7443 (480.7) Branch Head

#!@$ Built for Darwin 12.0

#!@$ Created on Wed May  1 18:03:35 PDT 2013

*Warning*: Icb has a configuration mismatch!

Icb mismatches configuration:

  File System Stripegroup Count Mismatch. exp-5 rcv-3

Created directory /tmp/cvfsck451a for temporary files.

Attempting to acquire arbitration block... successful.

Creating MetadataAndJournal allocation check file.

Creating Video-1 allocation check file.

Creating Video-2 allocation check file.

*Fatal*: Metadata inode for stripe group 'Video-3' has been damaged.  Giving up.

*Fatal*: cvfsck ASSERT failed "idinobuf.idi_flags & InodeFlagMetaData" file cvfsck.c, line 6072

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)