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Hi, I am wondering why my iphone won't send pictures through messages, I have MMS on and I have tried sending it with 3G on aswell and still doesn't work. Someone please help me :)

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4
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    Hey lozza567,



    Thanks for the question. I understand that you are experiencing issues sending MMS messages. The following resource may provide a solution:


    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages



    Issues with sending and receiving MMS

    You will need these to send and receive MMS:


    - An iPhone 3G or later.

    - iOS 3.1 or later.

    - A cellular data connection. MMS isn't available if you are using only Wi-Fi.

    - A domestic MMS plan from your cellular provider. You may need an international messaging plan to send MMS to an international contact. Contact your carrier for more information.

    - A roaming MMS when using a cellular provider's network different from your billing cellular provider's network. Learn more about roaming and contact your carrier for more information.


    To resolve issues with sending and receiving MMS, follow these steps first

    1. Go to Settings and turn airplane mode off.


    2. Go to Settings > Messages and turn MMS Messaging on.


    3. Go to Settings > Cellular and turn Cellular Data on.


    4. Go to Settings > Cellular and turn Data Roaming on if you are roaming on a cellular provider network different from your billing provider's network.


    5. Verify that you have a cellular data connection in the status bar at the top left of your iPhone.


    6. Go to Settings and turn Wi-Fi off. Open Safari and navigate to www.apple.com to verify that you have a data connection. Turn Wi-Fi back on to continue using Wi-Fi for other features. If your cellular data connection isn't available, follow these steps.


    7. Verify that you can send and receive SMS. If you are unable to send and receive SMS, see the "Issues with sending and receiving SMS" section, above.


    8. MMS may not be available while on a call. Only 3G and faster GSM networks support simultaneous data and voice calls. Learn more about which network your phone supports.


    9. Restart your iPhone.


    10. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings on your iPhone.


    11. Reseat your SIM card.



    If you are still unable to send or receive MMS, follow these steps

    1. Make sure that the contact trying to message you isn't blocked in Settings > Messages > Blocked.


    2. Go to Settings > Messages and turn on group messaging if you are sending a group message.


    3. Make sure that you are using the area code with the contact's phone number. When sending messages internationally, you also need the contact's international code.


    4. Verify a "Pay as you go" MMS plan has enough available balance. Contact your carrier if unsure of your MMS plan or available balance.


    5. If the issue occurs with a specific contact or contacts, back up or forward important messages and delete your current messaging threads with the contact. Create a new message to the contact and try again.


    6. If the issue occurs with a specific contact or contacts, delete and re-create the contact from the Contacts application. Create a new message to the newly created contact and try again.


    7. Back up and restore your iPhone as new.


    8. If your carrier has recently ported your phone number, the porting process may not be complete. Contact your carrier to confirm that the porting process is complete.


    9. Contact your carrier to verify that you are provisioned to send SMS and are in an area with cellular coverage.


    10. Contact your carrier to verify that there are no blocks or filters placed on your wireless account preventing you from sending SMS.


    11. Your carrier may require APN settings to be modified to use MMS. Learn more about when you should adjust APN settings.




    Matt M.