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What am I doing wrong. iTunes on my MacBook correctly shows I have two Beatles albums in the cloud.

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The iPad, however, only knows of one album. Fie! So I plug the iPad into the computer and tell it to Synch Now [Settings > General > iTunes WiFi Synch > Synch Now]. It busys itself for a couple of seconds and shows the Last Synch to be now. But Music still only knows of one album. The same outcome happens if the plut the iPad into the wall outlet, too. What to do?

iPad, iOS 7.0.4
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    Apparently, I'm doing something wrong with iTunes because my iPhone also only has one Beatle album, the same one as the iPad.

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    With the iPad plugged into the wall, I went to iTunes on the laptop and File > Devices > Sych My iPad. It did. Now the second album has disappeared from the laptop, too! Now I don't only have a synch problem, but I've lost an album. I am really bumfuzzled here!

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    Disregard the last posting, please. The album's name is 1 and I was searching for One. My bad. Nonetheless, it is not on the iPad. The iPad doesn't know the Artist is the Beatles so I renamed the artist, in the laptop, of both albums to Beatles (no "the"). The laptop's iTunes is happy and knows about both albums. The iPad has the album but it is by Unknown Artist. I don't know if the album is on the iPhone because it doesn't appear under U for unknown artist and I don't know how to search for by album name. Search under Artist, on the iPhone, and the Beatles have only one album, "Sgt Pepper..." and no mention of "1."