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I've tried to connect my Apple TV to my TV (Sony Bravia) and despite changing the inputs, it is not being recognised/picked up.


I have attached the HTMI cable to the correct place on the TV but nothing appears to be working.


Can anyone advise what I might be doing wrong or how to fix this?




Apple TV
  • Alley_Cat Level 6 (19,185 points)

    I assume the LED on AppleTV is lit to indicate it's on?



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    yes all lights on and flashing, everything possible connected including wifi and ethernet. it's just not talking to my tv...

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    another guy tried a whole bunch of stuff and it turned out that it was his HDMI cable that was defective.... can you confirm that, that particular cable works? ... e.g. you could try it with another device?

  • Alley_Cat Level 6 (19,185 points)

    Your TV picture is completely black or has other quality issues such as static or blurry video

    1. Confirm the settings and configuration of your television.
      • Check to verify that your TV's video input matches the HDMI connection.
      • Refer to the manufacturer's user guide for assistance with changing your TV input or picture mode.
      • Verify that your television meets the Apple TV minimum resolution requirements.
    2. Verify that the Apple TV's power cable and the HDMI cables are securely connected.
      • When connecting to power, observe the front LED on your Apple TV for activity. If no light is visible, try a different power outlet or power strip.
      • Connect the Apple TV directly to your television, bypassing any home theater receivers, splitters, repeaters, or switches temporarily.
      • Inspect all cables for any kinks, tears, or other evidence of damage.
      • Verify that the HDMI cable being used with your Apple TV is a bidirectional cable. Although rare, single-direction HDMI cables do exist. If unsure, try flipping the connection between your Apple TV and television.
      • If all else fails, try a different HDMI cable.
    3. Change the Apple TV resolution:
      • Press and hold the Menu and Up button on your Apple Remote for six seconds.
      • The Apple TV will automatically cycle to the next resolution at approximately 20 second intervals.
      • Press Play on the Apple Remote to keep the current resolution or Select to manually cycle to the next resolution.
    4. Reboot your Apple TV by holding down the Menu and Down button on the Apple Remote for six seconds. Allow the Apple TV a few minutes to restart.

    Note: If the Apple TV video functions correctly after bypassing a receiver, switch, or repeater, please refer to the accessory manufacturer's user guide for additional support.

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    Thanks - I am going to test the hdmi cable as this might be the issue.