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My Macintosh HD drive started failing so I made a new boot drive on a clean (all zeroes) internal HD, loaded OSX Snow Leopard, used Time Machine to copy all files to the new boot and it boots up and stuff mostly works, except for Final Cut Pro.  Starting FCP gives me a "FCP quit unexpectedly.." box and a "handler" issue saying I have low memory, which I don't: both shown below.    FCP will open but it's not looking good. 



1) What's the standard operating procedure for getting FCP healthy after "restoring" my original HD contents onto a new Boot Drive?

2) I looked for FCP Attic and found a questionable download site.  Is this still the right stuff, or has Apple developed their own FCP fix SW?


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Dual 2.8GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon