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    Why isn't Apple fixing this issue? Mavericks update reduces the battery life and even claims battery needs to be serviced even though it is a newer battery. This same issue is causing power-on and restart issues to where we have to reset the SMC and PRAM/NVRAM to try to get our computers to come on. Apple needs to fix this issue, no matter what they say, it is a BIG issue and getting BIGGER with every mavericks install. My computer wont even power-on unless I fiddle with it for about an hour each time, trying to reset the SMC and PRAM/NVRAM, and hit the power button, nothing happens, then hold it down to power it off and then try again. This is uncalled for and I and many thousands of other people want this issue fixed NOW! We have been telling you about the issues since october of 2013 and you haven't fixed it. You are going to find that many people will leave your company and quit buying these macs, because they suck and the support for the issues that were caused by the MAC OS isn't even supported. 



  • CT Level 6 (17,545 points)

    Can't confirm.

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    I never thought I would be bashing apple, but this battery issue (plus all the other junk) is really sad. I just convinced my mom to buy an apple, I own 4, 5 counting my work. But Apple is not fixing their mistakes. Why them do we pay the high dollar? I can get crap from windows for the amout of my current battery life - 2/3 less!

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    Better battery life on all our portable Macs. Certainly not seeing your issue. Try taking it to your nearest Apple Store d

    For diagnosing.



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    I'm having the same problem on my MB after installing mavericks, My battery now lasts about ten minutes (only using safari) . Before I got at least 2 hours producing music with Logic.

    It's obviously a problem that apple should address, especially because they brag about improved battery life when "upgrading" to mavericks and the fact that thousands of people are experiencing the same problem. This is not an isolated case.

    Must say that I think Mavericks runs great apart from this problem but I know a new battery isn't going to fix the problem so if apple don't  help us out then they will lose my trust.

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