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Bought iPhone bought just before new phones with finger Print detection was put on Market, just died Yesterday.


I tried recharging battery. Anyone have this issue. I'm taking back to verizon. I have Backed up both to computer and my iCloud account.  Though its been a few days.


Had just set iCloud for keychain access.


Recharging does nothing either by charger or computer

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.3
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    your issue is not very clear but if you are suggesting that the phone is not getting powered ON then try

    holding the lock button and the home button together for atleast 10 secs or till the time you see the Apple logo. when you see the apple logo, release the keys


    good luck

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    I marked you answer as helpful.

    After posting I read some similar issues, though before posting I typed in the issue and no similar posts showed up. After posting there were tons showing.


    Here is exact method I had to use:

    1. Double-click on volume up
      (or switch the silence switch to put in no ring mode)
    2. Hold down Power On button
    3. Hold down Home button
      (this switch is at bottom of screen bring phone out of sleep or turns Siri on)
    4. Wait until Apple symbol re-appears.


    Supposedly if this doesn't work the phone has a hardware issue and is toast.


    I plan to go by my Verizon Dealer and ask about t maybe it’s a precursor to Hardware Failure.