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I'm thinking the answer is no because I just can't find a way but asking doesn't hurt....   I sure would like to hide the panel/window on the left side that shows the multiple pages in the document when working in docs made from the Page Layout menu.  I work on both Pages 09 and Pages 11 depending on whether I'm at work or home but this issue seem to be the same, even in the latest version.  Thanks for response.

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    Select Hide Page Thumbnails from the View menu at top/left.


    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 2.17.47 PM.png

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    Where do get Pages 11?



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    In the latest pages I see your answer YeOldMacFan is quite apparent. With your answer I realize that I haven't actually ran into this problem with Pages 5.1.   It was in the older version which I must still use on my employer issued MacBookPro.  I see the menu is totally different in 5.1 and doesn't even make a distinction anymore between new documents letters and the blank version oriented toward text boxes which in the older version is where I was having this problem of getting rid of the page thumbnails.  I have to go back and look on my work laptop and see if I can find if your answer solves similar hiding the page thumbnails on the older Pages version.