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I pre-ordered an album and it was released January 28th, but I am still unable to download it,  it just says the words "purchased" and nowhere in the help section is there a solution to my problem. Does anyone know why this has happened to me?

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    Hey dexterforever,



    Thanks for the question. I understand you are having issues downloading a pre-ordered item. The following article outlines the procedure of pre-orders and redeeming the download:


    Downloading a pre-ordered item


    When a pre-order item becomes available, you will receive an email letting you know your pre-order is available for download.


    If you've enabled iTunes to automatically download prepurchased content, then your pre-order content may already be downloaded to your library. If not, simply click the download link provided within your email notification, and your pre-order content will begin to download. Alternatively you can use the "Check for Available Downloads" feature in iTunes on your computer by choosing Store > Check for Available Downloads to begin downloading your pre-order.


    iTunes Store: About Pre-orders






    Matt M.

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    I have the same problem, with the I album I purchased months ago, that should have been available for download as of yesterday. I got the e-mail "Your pre-oder for "Almah" is now available", but if I click the link I'm asked to sign in twice, then nothing happens.


    If I browse to the album, it says "Purchased", but there is no download button. Also, the songs are not in my library.


    I'm  confused, I paid for the music, so where is it..???

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    I'm having the same issue!

    This is annoying and all the threads seem to have the same copy and paste ******** reply with links to the knowledge base that don't address the problem.

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    They want to give it to you sometime that day.

    If the album is available for public purchase but not available on your devices/mac to to download.

    Go to the Store cancel the preorder.

    Go to the album and purchase it again.

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    I pre-ordered the new Fallout Boy Album, and it on the orders list, but when I go to download it, it says it temporarily unavailable! its been doing this for over a month.


    Any help would be great,