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1. I have within my power a lot of old books in Mathematics in PDF format. I recently got one: "Principia Mathematica" by Bertrand Russell. I downloaded it to my iPhone and opened it with the iBooks App for iOS. However, when I synced my iPhone with my iTunes library and asked the iBooks App for Mac to import every book from the iTunes library, the book didn't appeared in the iBooks App for Mac. I have had this issue with some other books but only one has been correctly synced with the Mac. What is the correct procedure to import PDF books from my iBooks App in the iPhone to the one in the Mac?

2. Several of this PDF's only have the name of the book, but I'd like to edit the Author and the Year of Publication in order to search for them easily in my iBooks App for Mac. This was an easy thing to do when it was integrated with the iTunes library but now I haven't been able to find a procedure to edit this information of my PDF's. Does anybody know how to do it? Or the iBooks App doesn't allow you to do it now?


MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)