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Hi All,

I'm looking for a definitive answer to a problem which has been annoying us for a while.  We made the move from FCP to Premiere when the FCP world collapsed.  (I know Apple have been attempting to re-build it ever since but we had a business to run in the meantime - let's not go there)  So we have lots of legacy FCP projects which we may need need to access in Premiere CC.  Premiere CC needs Mavericks to enable us to use the Sony XAVC Codec.  So we want to update our systems to Mavericks to ensure our edit suites are all on the same systems.  However, in moving to Mavericks, we'll be closing the door on our legacy FCP projects - which we can't do.  We are currently running a machine on Lion which we use to create XMLs as and when we need them but we really need that machine to be running Premiere CC. 


Does anybody else share the problem and has anybody found a solution?

Thanks Richard


p.s. One for a different thread really but I'm so glad Apple broke FCP.  While it felt like my wife had cheated on me at the time, I now have a new, hot, younger model in Premiere that's so much more flexible and integrates with my Adobe friends (AI, PS, AE etc) like my ex-wife never did!  Pushing that analagy to the extreme - I suppose this problem is a bit like having to pay my ex-wife maintenance!