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(I RECENLTY MADE A POST BUT I LEFT STUFF OUT) Hey everyone. I recently bought a macbook pro back in october (2013). Well I've had it for a while now. I havent had it "cleaned" like most tech guru's. Well recently I was going home and I closed my macbook pro thinking it was going to pull up what I was working on previously. Well when I took it back out red lines appear on my screen and it froze. Well I was scared and I turned it off manually and waited until I got home. When I got home the computer was fine until i push the screen frame back so i could see the screen better. Well then i popped up green lines and the color was distorted. I told my mom and she said turn it off and just let it sit on a charge. This morning the macbook worked okay nothing seemed out of place.I clicked on Disky Utility and let it verify my disk. So i turned it off and went to school. Just recently I tried to pull it up and the computer mad some beeping sounds. (Not again).


I am in desperate need of you guys expertise. Please help if you can. Thanks in advance!



Recently It turned itself off but it turned itself back on. I'm so nervous!


also i dont have a warranty anymore.

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The fact that the display changes like that when all you're doing is adjusting the angle suggests a loose cable or something internally. A Genius Bar eval is free, you might as well let them look at it. They can at least give you an estimate on repair costs.


You can try to reset the SMC, but I doubt it'll help.



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