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Trouble.... have a project just printed to bluray showing some deinterlacing artifacts in a still frame image.


The post house is saying my seq. setting is apple intermediate codec set 1440 1080 when 1080p footage should be 1920 1080.  


I have tried creating a new project and setting my codec to pro res 422 and the imported seq. shows images not fitting in the canvas window properly.


How do I create a seq. with apple Intermediate Codec with 1920 1080 size?


Also is there anyway apart from hand resizing with resize tool, the footage in a seqeuce that doesn't fit the canvas.  Is it a problem to change one's settings within a project or can one just change the settings and copy a seq. into a new setting seq.


There appears to be be only one area where the bluray apple codec seq is corrupt  [showing interlace lines] on a still frame I made from my footage.


rather confused????



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    There are not settings for full raster AIC. It's a very lossy codec invented so that FCP could work with HDV footage, until they finally figured out how to make a "native" codec. It still sees heavy use in iMovie and FC Express...but those are consumer apps and quality wasn't high on the list for them...space savings is.


    So, you need to use a ProRes sequence. And after you paste the footage into it, you'll have to resize it to fit. Pictures...all need to be manually resized.  Video footage, you can open up the MOTION tab and adjust the DISTORT, then copy the clip and paste the attributes to all the other video footage. But because your stills will have different frame sizes, and moves on them...they will need to be adjusted manually.

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    okay I'm getting the picture now...well now I don't know how to copy those attributes in the motion tab to other clips?

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    Once you change the attributes, you click on the clip, press CMD-C to copy...just like when you copy text.  Then click on another clip, or group of clips, and press OPT-V...that will bring up the PASTE ATTRIBUTES window. Choose the attributes you want to paste, click OK.


    And no need to post another question for this.  You are littering these forums with the same question, and follow up questions on posts.  Getting messy in here.