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Trouble.... have a project just printed to bluray showing some deinterlacing artifacts in a still frame image.


The post house is saying my seq. setting is apple intermediate codec set 1440 1080 when 1080p footage should be 1920 1080. 


I have tried creating a new project and setting my codec to pro res 422 and the imported seq. shows images not fitting in the canvas window properly.


How do I create a seq. with apple Intermediate Codec with 1920 1080 size?


Also is there anyway apart from hand resizing with resize tool, the footage in a seqeuce that doesn't fit the canvas.  Is it a problem to change one's settings within a project or can one just change the settings and copy a seq. into a new setting seq.


There appears to be be only one area where the bluray apple codec seq is corrupt  [showing interlace lines] on a still frame I made from my footage.


rather confused????