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Hello apple friends.

I got a apple tv. i use this brilliant app called air video HD wich works fine for streaming movies from PC to the apple tv. no lag and no stutter.


Also, mirroring games like modern combat 4 work without stutter. there is a delay in controls wich makes it unplayable, but no stutter.


...but here comes the problem. while air video HD can stream movies just fine(probaly by converting on-the-fly) it cannot play exactly desame file from my iphone 5s or ipad air to the third-gen apple tv. Well it actually can (tried VLC from app store) but there is alot stutter.


Its weird how everything else that i stream is without problems or stutter....but playing files locally(1080p, i want no less) results in annoying stutter.


How can i fix this? Is there a better player to use? Is on-the-fly converting and streaming consuming less data so i need faster connection?


i would like to add that the apple tv is wireless set up. no cable to router. only will do this cable to router if you really think this will solve the issue.


any additional info required?



iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.1
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    You are using the most complicated and failure prone options.  Streaming video over WifI rarely works well.  In your case you are trying to do it twice concurrently.  One WiFi connection to the device with streaming video and then a second wireless connection to AppleTV.  On top of which AirPlay is horribly bug ridden and un-reliable.


    Just select the content you want to watch from the ATV menus.  It works very well and with none of the issues you get with AirPlay. 


    And to your last question yes you will have fewer issues if you use a wired connection for ATV.