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Macbook 10.8.5 running Logic Pro 9.18 



OK ... I have tried the following.


Logic Pro highlight / get info and ticking "open in 32 bit mode"  it shows as ticked


deleting user audio unit caches


running mac in 32 bit kernel mode


reinstalling logic Pro 


NOTHING ..... Logic opens in 64 bit ..... I have loads of plugins that don't run in 64 bit ... i'm waiting until everybody is singing from the same hymnbook.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    I have recently downloaded mainstage 3 ... is this anything to do with it ?  If so ... why does it take endless research to find the answers.  Albeton looking more and more tempting.

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    MainStage 3 only runs in 64 bit mode.

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    Are you sure you're launching the same executable that you are inspecting and switching to 32 bit? There is absolutely no reason Logic 9 should not open in 32 bit more. Works fine on all machines with all OS version I've tried so far.





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    Did you ever solve this? Even if I have "Open in 32 bit mode" checked, Logic 9.1.8 opens in 64 bit mode. I am unable to use plug-ins, and can't export audio to movie.

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    You are most likely opening some other copy of Logic that you (still) have somewhere else. There is no known issue with Logic Pro 9 not opening in 32 bit mode on any compatible Mac OS X system. As Jazz already said.


    pic 2014-05-19 at 20.21.57.PNG

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    ...or you are using a shortcut that is pointing to a different copy.....


    To test, go to applications, identify the Logic Pro 9 app itself...  and from there, use Get Info to change to 64bit or 32bit mode and then launch Logic Pro double clicking that same app in Applications and not using any shortcuts....

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    It's baffling. I did a Spotlight search, and the only copy of Logic Pro that shows up is in the Applications folder and that's the one that I have this problem with (unless there's an invisible file somewhere that I can't see).

    When I click on it, "open in 32-bit mode" is checked but as soon as open it, it opens in 64-bit mode. At first it was only happening on my MacBook Pro running Mavericks, but now it's happening on my Desktop Mac Pro running Lion. I know theoretically it's supposed to work fine, but this is what's happening. I read somewhere that it may be a disk permission problem. I tried repairing the permissions, but the problem still exists.