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I'm noticing some strange behavior from the Highlights and Shadows brushes.  I don't remember seeing this before though.


I have one H & S overall adjustment to lift the shadows ab bit.


Now I add a second one and set it to reduce the highlights but with the "Brush adjustment In" option.  I adjust the brush size and I start to paint over the hot areas of the image.  But nothing seem to change.


Then I zoom in a bit and now the brush turns into a hand.  Even when I go back to the brick and reset it to "Brush Adjustment" the cursor only funstions as a hand.


Only if I go back to default size does the brush re-appear.


Then if I uncheck this second adjustment brick to see a before and after and then turn it back on, now the adjustment goes over the whole image instaed of just the areas that I painted.


Any idea of what might be happening here?


I am using v 3.4.5 on OS 10.8.5.


Thank you



Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)