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I have several hundred iPhone 4 9x16 (not 16x9) videos from a friend that wants the videos on a standard SD DVD.  When I use iDVD, the conversion is automatic, and pillarbars are added.  Unfortunately, iDVD occationally craps out on "Muliplexer Error: There was an error during formatting.", so after 9 hrs or rendering I have to start over.


Is there a way to add pillarboxs to the video in Compressor 2?  I have access to Compressor 3 and 4, but I would prefer Compressor 2 instructions as my main workstation is a G5 Quad.  Using compressor I could do the project in DVDSP 4.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, for ANY version of compressor.

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    It can be done in Compressor, but it might be a bit easier in FCP. Just drop your 9X16 into an SD timeline (either 4:3 or 16:9).


    Otherwise, choose your frame size and use padding left and right.


    Good luck.



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    I started by using the standard DV NTSC 4:3 settings.  It took a bit to get my head around it, but I finally figured out that the Frame Size is the dementions of the Original video.  Once I got that straight, I started experementing with the pad, and using side-by-side comparison via QuickTime, Padding of 80 Left and Right seems to work the best.


    Thank you for your time.