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Hey there!


I have a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 6,2 (15" 2,66 GHz i7 4GB RAM) which is in perfect conditions. I use it everyday to study and play the X-Plane simulator, basically, so it has never fallen nor taken any damage. Last week, all of the sudden, the USB port located closest to the screen stopped working. I've spent several hours trying to figure out what the problem is (tried the SMC and NVRAM reset more than once) but all I got was this log from USB Prober:


Feb 12 21:46:26.196  [2]BRCM2070 Hub[0xffffff800bcc0c00]::DeviceRequest _DeviceRequestWithTimeout runAction() failed (0xe00002ed)
Feb 12 21:46:26.197  [3]IOUSBDeviceUserClientV2[0xffffff80151f7200]::DeviceRequestIn (sync < 4k) err:0xe00002ed (device is not responding)
Feb 12 21:46:26.197  [3]IOUSBDeviceUserClientV2[0xffffff80151f7200]::DeviceRequestIn < 4K to 0xffffff800bcc0c00 - returning err e00002ed, size: 0


I imagine that the problem is in the BRCM2070 Hub, as it's status in the "Port Status" section is "STATUS(change): CONNECT ENABLE SUSPEND POWER Full Speed" and "Port Power State: Suspended (Driver)", while my other USB port which is working okay is "STATUS(change): POWER Full Speed" and "Port Power State: No connection". If I connect anything to the problematic USB Port the status won't change, while, if connected to the okay one, it will show what's connected instead of saying "No Connection" (e.g. iPhone). The only thing that gives a sign of life when connected to the problematic one is my Samsung External 500GB HD, but it simply lights up, doesn't mount nor is recognised. After a minute it turns off while still connected. I don't know how to proceed as I don't have any Apple Stores near me.


Is there anyway to work this problem out or I should just wait until the end of this year to go to the US and take my machine to a Genius? This problem is really annoying me, as I frequently use one of the ports to charge my iPhone and the other one to connect my mouse. I'm thinking about buying an USB hub to bypass the problem, but it would kill my MBP's portability.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1), iPhone 5; iPad 3rd Gen (4G+Wi-Fi)