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I am using IOS 7.04 on an iPhone 4s, and Outlook 2010 on Windows 7.


I have checked the 'Sync notes to Outlook' option in the info section for the iPhone in itunes on the PC.


When I sync the iPhone initially, the Outlook Notes are replicated to the iPhone.


When I update the Outlook notes on the PC, and sync again to the iPhone, the changes I made in Outlook are lost, and I get the original version of the note back from the iPhone.


Any ideas how I can get the sync process working properly?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    This is wierrd. I have just done some testing, and found that new notes I create and update (either in Outlook or on the iPhone) get synced properly.


    Older notes, which are updated on either the iPhone or by Outlook, do not sync, and the changes are lost.

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    I've had the same problem for a while now & no matter what i do, it keeps happening.

    Losing changes i don't realise are missing 'til it's too late...


    i hope someone can come up with a solution....

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    Syncing Notes between iPhone and Outlook, who rules? I'm replying to mrabjohn's post and I've read a bunch so I started testing to see if I could try and help figure this out. This may be information overload but I'm hoping someone of note or seniority at Apple communities can use this.


    0) Base information:

    - iPhone 5C new-ish, Windows 7 Professional, Office/Outlook 2010

    - This testing occurs after using: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923 to resolve an error: "Unable to load syncuicorelocalized.dll" posted in: iTunes sync error with iPhone: Resource not found" by: ChrisJ4203 Illinois, Land of Lincoln. The KB document worked very well and I now sync smoothly with Outlook except notes:


    1) I've read the Communities post- iOS: Syncing Notes:

    - All my notes have titles in both locations.

    - Notes on the iPone are in the Notes section.

    - Notes in Outlook are in the Notes section.

    - Notes in Contacts are great, Adding, Syncing and Updating in both directions.

    - This line holds true for all items below: iTunes > Info > Advanced > No boxes are checked to Replace information on the iPhone.

    - This line holds true for all items below: Syncing is done manually via iTunes > Info > Click the Sync button lower right.


    2) I synced notes fine from my 4S to Outlook using Pre iOS 7.1 / Tunes, sorry no idea what those versions were.

    - Notes in the 4S configuration sync'd fine and it seems the 4S notes appeared to be the master transferring to Outlook as a backup and overwriting them there.


    3) Now on a 5C for exactly two weeks today using: iOS 7.1 / iTunes

    - I've spent way too much time testing this over two coffees this morning and another after lunch.

    - New Notes created in this software configuration on either the iPhone or Outlook seem to be added successfully on the other.

    - Notes deleted in this software configuration on either the iPhone or Outlook seem to be deleted successfully on the other.

    - Note created in this software configuration and then changed or updated on either, seem to be successfully updating the other.

    - Here's the kicker I hope someone can help with. It seems Notes created previously to this software configuration or on the 4S, only seem to sync in one direction for me- from Outlook to the iPhone, overwriting any changes I've made to the iPhone note.


    4) My testing has been fairly straight forward but I'm not an engineer or software developer, only someone who wants it to work and started trying things after I got my syncing error resolved.

    - I kept it simple to manage the outcome, i.e. changing one thing a time to confirm which information goes to/from where.

    - Can someone, from Apple but not a requisite, validate my testing so I can stop loosing changes that are overwritten on the iPhone by a note on Outlook?

    - I have quite a few Notes that were created on the 4S, before 7.1 / and update them frequently on the Phone which is what its for, information on the go now only to be lost.

    - Final thought and I hope I don't have to go there, it seems if I take all of the content of an old note that doesn't sync correct, create a new one with it, it updates correctly in both directions.



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    Dan - much appreciate the work you have put in to test this. It would be great to get a resolution, or at least some way of identifying which notes are the probem. My workaround now is to recreate the notes which develop the problem, but that relies on me checking all the notes - and I use quite a lot of them.

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    John, happy to in part, plus frankly it was becoming a pain loosing information so I sat down and started testing to figure it out. My system is, if I touch an old note on the iPhone, I put a consistent character in front of the title so I know it either needs to be re-created or lost. Before syncing I make a point to copy all the information into a newly created note, sync and do a quick scan for correct data transfer. I use a different character on new notes so I can tell them apart.


    Eventually I'll get through them all. I'm not Apple but I suspect if it's fixed it won't be until a new software rev and only if it has enough importance against other proposed software change candidates.

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    Thanks Dan, these little things can take up stupid amounts of time. You've given me an acceptable workaround for the time being for this stupid problem, one I hope Apple fixes soon. However, as the problem involves an interface with their bete noir Microsoft I'm not holding my breath. Thanks again. Austin

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    No response yet from Apple? Has anyone discovered a fix? I just realized this has been happening to me for at least a month - I havne't changed anything, except for upgrading iTunes...everything Dan said is spot-on (unfortunately).

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    I'd forgotten about this until I got the update on the 5th, apologies I'm behind on emails.


    Has anyone opened a request/case and chatted w/ iOS? https://www.apple.com/support/contact/


    I've used them for other issues and they were very thorough, sincere plus solved the issue fairly quickly. They send a transcript afterwords which is a nice reference if needed again.



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    Hi Dan, please let me add my thanks for your painstaking research. I just posted my ramblings about what is apparently a shared "inconvenience."


    I'd be glad to contact support and keep everyone updated.




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    Any updates on this.  I just noticed that any changes in Outlook Notes are lost and changes in Notes on the iPhone are lost.  Both revert back to the original data that was in the note.  Very strange...