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I bought my macbook pro in 2010 with Snow Leopard 10.6.4. Over the years I've kept up with the Snow Leopard updates, so I've been using 10.6.8. Recently I decided to upgrade to Mavericks, but first wanted to reformat my hard drive to wipe off a lot of junk that's accumulated. I reformatted it with the disks I got when I bought my mac, meaning the operating system I reinstalled was 10.6.4. I knew I needed 10.6.8 or later in order to upgrade to Mavericks, so I ran the software update to bring everything up to speed.


The problem I'm having is my mac just won't update to 10.6.8. I tried it several times through software update. When that didn't work I tried downloading the 10.6.8 update combo directly from Apple's website. I can download it, but everytime I run the file it gets up to the point where it starts installing, then says "installation failed". Of course, now I can't upgrade to Mavericks either because I'm stuck at 10.6.4.


If anyone has any suggestions or advice as to what might be wrong I'd really appreciate it, I can't figure it out.

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    Disconnect all devices from the computer then do the following:


    Boot up from your Snow Leopard Install DVD while holding down the "c" key.

    Select the language you wish to use, and then choose "Disk Utility" from the menu bar.

    Your HD should appear in a panel on the left hand side of the window which opens. Select it and then click on the "repair disk" button in the right hand section of the window.

    Once this process has been completed restart your computer and repair permissions directly from Disk Utility.


    If Disk Utility is unable to complete the repair, you will need to use a stronger 3rd party utility like DiskWarrior, Techtool PRO (not Deluxe) or Drive Genius.


    Try the combo update again.
















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    Snow Leopard ships on a DVD. The first version was 10.6, then 10.6.1 update, 10.6.2 update and 10.6.3 update. In March or April of 2010 Apple changed all of the DVD's to the 10.6.3 version which it still sells today.

    If you re-installed the OS you would have 10.6.3. There are actually two versions of the 10.6.8 "Combo" update.

    You should be looking for 10.6.8 combo v1.1.

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