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In previous versions of Compressor, selecting a Job Action to follow a compression job for DVD or Blu-ray (or using an equivalent template) caused Create Disc (bundled within Compressor) to create a UUID-named ".1cdvd" xml file in /var/tmp that could be used to redo a failed burn without having to recompress.


In this version (or maybe just in Mavericks) it's absent - or it it now stored elsewhere? A "locate" in the shell doesn't find it... and navigating to launch the Create Disc app directly doesn't help - there are no Recent Items in the list... any thoughts?


Many thanks

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    Hi Fearless, just a workaround you might consider -  in compressor V4.1, "Create Disk" ofcourse is still at :

    /Applications/Compressor.app/Contents/PlugIns/Compressor/CompressorKit.bundle/Co ntents/EmbeddedApps/Create\ Disc.app/Contents/MacOS/Create Disc (was previously embedded with Qmaster I recall).


    I'd hazard a guess that here's likely some residual information in ~/application support/compressor/ that might be used to kick over the ENTIRE encode again rather than just the BD/DVD write.

    • ls -1 ~/Library/Application Support/Compressor/Create**  ????


    We use a different workflow to author the video_ts etc and test the authored bit before writing the media (rare these days).



    1. Compressor.app V4.1 UI RECENT ITEMS: You MIGHT want to use the RESTART information in Compressor.app V4.1. This is maintained in thec directory. The compressor.app V4.1 has a RESTART facility in the "COMPLETED" tab/pane...:
      • if the JOB is NOT in the Current Pane, simply locate it in the Completed pane list
      • select it and click the RESTART (icon with circular arrow) - this will restore the batch in BACK to the CURRENT pane
        • compressor.restart.png
      • adjust the settings etc and SUBMIT (+b) again
      • CARE: this list is purged form the output_name  if cleared.
      • or....
    2. use/REUSE the Compressor.app V4. Job Action (for the BATCH) to construct a output_name.img at the Location you use. This will have a  video_ts / audio_ts or the BDMV output_name.264 object
      • compressor.bluray.png
      • then use Disk utility.app, Toast.app etc to make the spinning media.
      • saved Retranscoding all over again that would occur in Step 1.


    Post your results for others to see.



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    Thank you Warwick, months later... I had feared overwriting the 100-minute, 22GB 3-hour encode .264 file but was anble to replace a faulty .ac3 and rebuild the disk image - excellent! And easier than it looked!