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I have a Macbook white of 2007, running OSX 10.7.5


My magic mouse had connectionproblems since years, Short time ago an Apple service center discovered that the problem was not de magic mouse, but the internal bluetoothadapter which was out of order. Because there are no spareparts of the macbook of this age anymore, the only solution was to buy a external usb bluetoothadapter and so I bought a Sitecom CN-516 bluetooth 2.1 usb adapter. And connection problems were solved.


The only problem which I have now is when de Macbook is in sleep for a longer time (about 15 minutes) or with startup it looses its pairing.


In these situations It gives a message: Pairingrequest of magic mouse with macbook. When you want to pair click YES, if you don't want to pair click NO.


When I go with the trackpad of the macbook to YES and click, it pairs and the magic mouse works wonderfull without any connectionproblem.


Can anyone tell me what I should do to keep the pairing and not loosing it in these situations.


The message is my translation of the dutch one, so it can differ a bit from the english one. Magic mouse is the name of the magic mouse.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)