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so, this must have been about a month ago at the most when it started playing up. basicly, I noticed that A-it has all of a sudden become allot slower than before, B- applications are crashing regularly, this seems to be getting worse and worse, C- i had an incident once or twice where for no reason what so ever the macbook pro simply shut down and restarted for no reason, and with no error message, (though the more recent sudden shut downs give me a message on restart).


I first investigated the problem when I was playing skyrim, using bootcamp of course to run windows, as I do with many games. After owning the game for about two weeks, and it playing fine, it just crashed and bluescreened all of a sudden without warning, and from that moment on i was unable to play the game since every 5 or so mins in it would crash to desktop or just bluescreen. i thought that this was an error with steam or with the game, and so i looked for help on the steam forum. as i was going through various methods to solve the problem, it seemed that the problem was worsening, since the windows partition begun to bluescreen more often for no reason, and then i noticed that the mac os partition was unexpectedly shutting down for no reason more often aswell, and so i have abandoned my attempts to fix what i thought was an error with windows, and i now believe that it is something more serious. im not so sure what i should do in order to solve this, i know my way around a computer, but im not genius at them, and so i have come to the apple forum seeking help!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 15.52.17.pnghere i have attatched info that may help, and by the way, it is 64 bit windows 7 that is installed on the bootcamp partition.


the following message on the bluescreen report makes me think its something to do with the graphics drivers, and so i reinstalled all of the drivers on windows, but this did absolutely nothing unfortunately.  'dxgmms. sys error'

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)