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Recently my iPhoto library stopped working. All I got was a spinner and it never opened even after leaving my MBP sitting for an hour.


So I moved my iPhoto Library to my document folder and created a new iPhoto library and re-imported from the Masters folder. Everything except videos imported.


After messing around I found a solution that worked for me.


After you re-import to your new library create another library. iPhoto well restart and use this library. Once the new Library is up, switch back to your previous library which you re-imported to. Now import your videos.




1. Make a backup of your iPhoto Library, or at least make a copy the Masters folder.



2. At this point there should be no iPhoto Library in your Pictures folder (could be different if you use a custom location).



3. Create a new iPhoto Library.



4. Import from the backup you made in step 1.


This is where people starting getting "can not import" errors with a list of video files.



5. Create a new library. iPhoto will restart and use this library.



6. Switch back to your main iPhoto Library. The one from step 3.



7. Re-import but make sure you do not import duplicates. When the window popups up select Do Not import so that you don't re-import the same photos.


The videos should now import.




For some reason creating a new library and switching to it and back to your new library does something to allow videos to be imported again.



This worked for me, might not for others but I hope it does for you.


MacBook Pro (17-inch Late 2011), OS X Mountain Lion, iPhone 4s fully updated.
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    With no details only guesses can be made - but it is extremely likely that simply repairing your original library would have resolved your issue without all of the data loss created by your "fix" - the likely solution would be Back up your iPhoto library, Depress and hold the option (alt) and command keys and launch iPhoto - rebuild your iPhoto library database



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    LOL indeed. You need to warn people when the path you suggest they take will lead to considerable data loss.

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    JimBurnett wrote:



    Maybe it is a LOL matter to you but to me making suggestions that result in users losing lots nd lots of data is most certainly NOT a laughing matter in any way - your suggestion should not be used by anyone who cares about the hisry, edits, projects, pdates or other information that is lost using your suggestion - te least you could do is warn eople of the negative reaults of following yoru recommenations



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    Amazing. Thank you for the fix!! I was going nuts over how I'm going to import 700 MOV files manually.

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    This fix has worked for me!!


    My problem was importing old archived .MOV files into iPhoto 9.6 and this worked perfectly.