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Hi there, does anyone know if the MaxPeersToQuery value can be set to none? We don't want the caching server at any one school querying another schools caching server as a peer. If you set the value to 0 then it's unlimited. I can use serveradmin settings caching:MaxPeersToQuery = 1 so that only one peer is queried but we don't want any.

Mavericks Server, OS X Server
  • MrHoffman Level 6 Level 6

    If the schools are configured across subnets or can be partitioned or firewalled at the network layer at the site-to-site link (as would already be typical in many networks), this problem goes away?

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    Thanks for the reply. I don't have access to the network to make those changes. We are an IT company supporting schools. I cannot see the Local Authority helping me with it either. Getting even the most basic changes made is incredibly hard. Does anyone know the command for setting the Max Peers to none? Using the value "none' or "false" maybe. I'm no command line expert.

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    Beyond the docs (and maybe using PeerFilterRanges or ListenRanges) call Apple support and ask.

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    This is the confusing bit from Apple "The caching server will query peers that aren’t in any of the PeerFilterRanges for assets, and will not query peers not in any of the PeerFilterRanges."

    Anyone explain that?

    The schools use a range of IP's based on 10.xxx.2.1 for their Apple devices. So if I have a caching server with IP address I don't want it talking to the server on 20, server etc etc 20 miles away on 10meg internet for assets. So how do I set a PeerFilterRanges array to stop that happening? Thanks