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This is one of those "it used to work fine til I updated the iPad OS" stories.  My iPad used to see my iTunes library just fine....  After I updated the iPad OS, I get to this point where I click on the Music icon, it shows my iTunes library as being available, and then on the same screen line next to my library is this red circle that shows part of the circle as a thin red line and part as a thick red line, making me think that what the iPad was doing was indexing my music library so it could show it (it is a large library).... the problem is that the red circle never completes the fill in and clicking on my library results in nothing happening.


The library shares fine on my Apple TV and all my PCs, just not on my iPad or iPhone.... both got updated and both stopped working after the update... a fair indication to me that the update has something to do with the sharing going sideways.


Anybody else seen this? is there a fix? am I missing something?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    I have the exact problem and have been through many onlineHomeShare setup and troubleshooting directions to no avail. I am operating an iMac in Mavericks OS 10.9.3 and iPhone 5 & an iPad both in iOS 7.1.1  


    I have a large iTune Music Library consisting of 498 GB with 62,000 songs.


    I have removed firewalls, verified no ports were blocked, etc., etc.


    Any further suggestions will be most welcome.