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i've been having this problem for about a month, so basically whenever i try to charge my ipad mini with the lightning cable it doesn't charge at all, however if i try charging it on several angles it starts to charge? i'm really sick and tired of having to spend at least half an hour to find a position for my ipad mini to be able to be charged. also i've tried buying new lightning cables but they always seem to be out of stock in every apple premium reseller they have here (indonesia).

iOS 7.0.4
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    My first idea would be to have the problem isolated. There appears to be a problem with either the Lightning cable itself or the Lightning port on the iPad itself. An Apple Store would be the first place to go to have this looked at, but since you are in Indonesia, that's gonna be a problem.


    Do you have any other iDevices such as an iPod, iPhone etc? If you do, and they are current enough to also use a Lightning cord, see if you can reproduce the problem that way. Isolate the problem to the cord itself if you can.


    Can these "Apple Resellers" you using provide any tech assistance?



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    I have the same issue. In order for my iPad mini to charge, I have to put a small object near iPad underneath the cable, then put light weight on iPad so the lightning cable is under pressure in the socket.

    Has your issue been resolved?

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    Is the cable you are using an Apple cabLe?

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    Yes, the one that came with the iPad.