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I think the MENU button of my apple remote is broken. All other button works perfectly except for the menu button. I used a digital camera to test the infrared signal from the remote, all other buttons emit infrared except the menu button. What can I do? Out of warranty already. Is it time to throw it away? If its a hardware issue, can I fix it? Or are apple remotes disposable?


The remote is only seldom used so I dont know what caused the menu button to break. Please help. I hope I won't need to buy a new remote.



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    Sounds as though it is broken if you've tested for the IR signal.


    I have several white/grey remotes - some of the white ones have buttons that barely work and require very firm pressure to actuate.  I think they do tend to wear out to be honest but others have no issues.


    I actually prefer the older white remotes to the grey ones which seem to have less range and a narrower usable angle.


    If you have an iPhone/iPad there's a free Remote app you could use provided you can use provided you can access Setting if you need to.


    Apple sell the remotes quite cheaply, though you could also consider a multi-function remote or train AppleTV to use a different remote.