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I have applied the "MSVCR80.dll" fixes of uninstalling and reinstalling iTune in the proper order, several times, but I stall have a problem.  When I launch iTunes, my computer will freeze, task manger says that Itunes has stopped responding and the CPU reading in task manager pegs at 100% usage.  After about 10 minutes the iTunes start running again and the cpu drops back to normal.  I can get to the apple store without freezing.  However, iTune will not display my iPod or iPhone in the sidebar.  And when I plug th the iPod and iPhone into my desk computer I get a error meassage. 


     "This ipod cannot be used because the required software is not installed.  Run the iTunes installer to remove iTunes then install 64-bit version of iTunes"


This I have done three times with the same result.


What next?

dell, Windows Vista