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Both PowerBooks run OSX 10.5.8


What I want to do: move old Stickies notes from Hard Drive A to Hard Drive B.

Laptop A died, and I bought a USB cable to attach to the HD because the new PB has a larger HD.


I have zero intention of pirating commercial software, but moving Freeware from A to B instead of re-downloading it seems cool.

It seems like a fairly straightforward process. Can I simply move Applications? Do I need to move anything else, such as Libraries or Preferences?


A died in 2012 and I feel excited about reviving it.

G4, Al, 1.67, 15", Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    As the old PB A is stated to be deceased since 2012, I presume you have one of the USB universal hard drive adapters to mount a bare drive.


    What I would do is make a folder on the desktop of HD B and drag those apps and files you want to it. Then go through them to see which will work properly. If there are problems then search for and copy support files in the user library / Preferences and Application Support folders ( of course place them in the same folders on HD B).

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    Yes, I have a USB cable attachment for the hard drive to the dead PBG4. After I rescue the good stuff from the old drive I am thinking about turning the PB screen into an external monitor. I saw that once on a website.

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    If you want to manualy migrate existing Stickies notes from one computer to another you need to locate 3 files:


    User/Library -> StickiesDatabase


    User/Library/Preferences -> com.apple.Stickies.plist


    User/Library/Preferences -> com.apple.Stickies.lockfile


    You then need to ensure that they go into the same location on the 'target' computer


    Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 17.25.45.png


    Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 17.26.41.png