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This is going to sound so stupid...oh well. I just got this mac and it works great.... My only problem is while trying to configure the mail client. i put in all the information to connect to Gmail and retrieve my messages. followed all instructions. I push the ok button, and it tries to connect to the gmail server. it times out overy time. I tried ever ting under the manual and the instructions on gmail. Help!

Emac, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    This just started happening to me. I haven't found a solution yet. tried many changes also.
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    Just want to double-check, did you happen to follow the following instructions to setup your Gmail account in Mail.app? (ref: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=13275)
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    I did...... enabled pop on my account.....followed all instructions....it doesn't work.
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    Ok, let's compare my Gmail account info with yours to see if anything was missed. Here are my values on the Accounts > Account Information page:

    Description: Gmail
    Address: <Gmail Username>@gmail.com
    Full Name: <Gmail Username>
    Incoming Mail Server: pop.gmail.com
    Username: <Gmail Username>@gmail.com
    Password: <Gmail password>
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): smtp.gmail.com:<Gmail Username>@gmail.com

    On "Server Settings..."
    Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.gmail.com
    Server port: 587
    (checked) Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
    Authentication: Password
    Username: <Gmail Username>@gmail.com
    Password: <Gmail password>

    Then on the Advanced page:
    (checked) Enable this account
    (checked) Include when automatically checking for new mail
    (checked) Remove copy from server after retrieving a message
    Port: 995
    (checked) Use SSL
    Authentication: Password
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    I have been using Mail for years and it has just started having this issue... I am using earthlink... Last time I fixed this I re-typed in all the information... but something is defintely weird
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    ok first, I cant even get to those settings. when i click on mail, up pops a info box asking some of that stuff. (full name, email address, incoming mail server, account type, username, password, and outgoing mail server.) i cannot figre out a way to get past this screen to get to the settings u ask. and every time i enter the info (just as u had it on the post before this) it says the connection timed out.
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    Ok, if I understand correctly, you are being presented with a pop-up that's requesting account info every time you start Mail. If that's right, then it's telling me that Mail doesn't have the necessary info to connect to your POP (or other) mail account(s). By default, when Mail starts, it trys to access each of your email accounts to get your mail. For any account, which is either missing proper login info or the info is incorrect, Mail will provide you with a pop-up so your can fill in the missing parameters. This would be normal for all of the email accounts that you set up. So, it looks like in this case, Mail doesn't have the proper account info to connect to Gmail. Make sense?

    ...and you say, that even though you are being asked this information, you are unable to enter it...correct?

    If both are true, then you may need to allow Mail to rebuild it's preference list (.plist) file. This file stores your mail account information and anything else you may have changed using the Preferences... option while in Mail. Mail's plist file is located at ~/Library/Preference, and is named "com.apple.mail.plist."

    Exit Mail if your running it. Don't delete your current plist file. Instead, just move it to your desktop for safe keeping. (If you copy it instead, you'll need to delete the version still in the Preference folder.) Now start Mail. You should not be getting the pop-up requesting account information, because Mail, will now, no longer have any accounts setup. Now go thru the steps to set up a new POP account for Gmail...and make sure you save after entering all of the info.
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    I can only find preference panes not preferences. and in the preference apnes file there is no file that u specified- not even one tha tis close. oh, and I dont have any accounts configured at all that is why this box appears. you do know I am using mac os x 10.3.9 right? just making sure. this in making me rather mad... doesnt make any sense at all.
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    Yes, thanks, I see that you're using 10.3.9...and may be the reason you don't have a /Preference folder. Sorry, I only have 10.4.7 available to me, so I won't be able to verify what you are seeing.
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    Hello, I have the same problem to set up Mail with Gmail. I have been following the discussion of this topic. Any more suggestions? If not, I am thinking about to re-install the Mail applicaiton. Any comment about this? Thanks a lot.