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Was successfully using still images from iphoto in my imovie project until 2 nights ago. Imovie froze while I was trying to adjust a transition between jpegs. I had to quit imovie. Now, not only is the project inaccessable for editing (it's visible in the list of projects, just can't select it) imovie will no longer recognise any jpegs I drag into a project from iphoto. Read several fixes in blogs but none are working.

iMovie '11
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    Please tell: What fixes did You try - that didn't work - so we can omit them.


    A. Corrupted iMovie pref file - very common problem

    - Trash all iMovie pref files (or rather to test this - start a new User Account / Log into this - if iMovie now works OK then the problem most likely is here)


    B. Correpted iMovie movie project - the other project's run's well


    C. iPhoto - Corrupted iPhoto Library


    - YOU need lot's of free space on Your Start-Up (Macintosh HD) Hard Disk - else it might crash !


    To me it takes about 24 hours - AND I CAN NOT use the Mac during this time (just to prevent it from HANGING and destroying more than can be fixed)


    Start iPhoto - BUT KEEP option-key AND cmd-key down during all up-start.

    Now You got a list to select from - SELECT ALL

    IF a Lap-top - CONNECT Power-Mains - Battery will not last !


    Do something else for lot's of hours.


    When its done - Close iPhoto


    Open iMovie and see if it now works OK


    Good Luck !


    Yours Bengt W