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The Compressor User Guide says that you can upconvert SD footage to HD, and the Final Cut Pro User Guide strongly suggests using Compressor to upconvert SD footage for HD projects, rather than placing SD footage directly in an HD project's sequence and scaling it to the sequence. And I want very much to follow these suggestions.

However, nowhere in the Compressor User Guide can I actually find information on how to do this!

I have loads of DV NTSC footage (3:2, 720 x 480i) that I want to upconvert to use in a 720p project that is using the Apple Intermediate Codec. There don't seem to be any presets in Compressor, as one would think there should be, for doing any such SD to HD conversion. I have taken it upon myself to make my own settings, and the output is very close to what I want, but not quite. The one problem I am having is that the output always comes out stretched to 16:9. I obviously don't want to do that. What I want is the output constrained to 3:2, just like the original footage, just scaled up. The resulting footage should be 1080 x 720, or it should be 1280 x 720 and pillarboxed.

However, using the HDV 720p30 codec it always comes out 1280 x 720, stretched wide, or using the Apple Intermediate Codec it actually comes out to be 960 x 720, but, depending on the settings I used for the transcode, upon importing to Final Cut Pro, FCP either says the clip is not optimized for playback in FCP and won't let me use it, or FCP stretches it out to fill the 16:9 sequence area (instead of placing it as it is and letting what's behind it show through the sides).

This is clearly quite frustrating.

Has anyone had any success upconverting SD footage for pillarboxed use in an HD project?

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