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Since updating my iTunes to, my MiniPlayer no longer shows the track information (artist, title, album). Instead, the control/navigation is constantly shown, as if I was always hovering my cursor over the MiniPlayer:



I tried doing a quick search for solutions to this and found several people had this problem in the past and other users suggested:

  • Pressing tab until the navigation was no longer selected. « I tried this and it did not work. Sounds like this fixed the problem for many people, but I'm not sure if this was for an older version or if it was a solution only for Mac computers.
  • Going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts and then turning off "All Controls". « This also seemed to fix the issue for many users. After doing a bit of digging, I found out that this was a Mac setting. I am a PC user.


I can't be the only person having this issue. Does anybody have any ideas about how to fix this on a PC? I am a live gaming streamer and using the iTunes Mini Player was an integral part of my my graphic overlay. I would like to continue to use it, but may have to switch to another player if my viewers cannot see my track info. Please help!

Windows 7