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Trying to get the below apple automation to work whereby automator gets text from a textedit document, and then prompts me to enter a variable using "ask for text" (in this case the name of a team) and then using that variable as the input to the next action - "filter paragraphs" - where it filters the paragraphs using that variable (the name of the team).  How do I get that variable to input into the text box in the "filter paragraphs" action.  I am using a variable because each time I want to use this action the varible is going to be different, so I would like automtor to prompt me to enter it.


I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks so much!


Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.48.38 AM.png

GarageBand (Mac) '11, Mac OS X (10.7.5)