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Hello Apple Community! I have a delicate situation for itunes, iphoto and ipad savies to help.


I downloaded some photos (out of many more) from my iPad mini into my MacBook Pro, using iPhoto. When I finished and unplugged (I was careful to eject the device) all my videos and photos were missing on my iPad mini. All of them even the ones that I did not touch. Nevertheless something curious occured: if I use iTunes to browse the iPad mini, even when I do not have any sign of the photos or videos on iTunes, in the data bar down the window or dialog box the entire photos and videos and all other stuff appears as colored bars as if nothing had happened.


The iPad mini works with IOS7 and the MacBookPro with Mavericks 10.9


I am a new iTunes user and I am not used to certain features. next to the color data bar there are two buttons "revert" and "apply". What do they do? (I do not want to screw up)


So can enyone help me recover all my photos and videos please???



MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9), 8 gb ram, intel hd graphics 4000 M