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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows XP SP2. I've had my Airport Express for about a year, and had it set up on a LAN at work until the end of May. Everything worked great, including Airtunes, printing, and the internet. I put the airport in storage for a couple of months, and am trying to set it up in my new apartment now with a cable modem.

When I plug the computer directly into the modem using an ethernet cable, the internet works wonderfully. After powering down the modem, powering down the Airport, and then hooking them both back up together, it won't let me browse the internet. I can connect to the wireless network, the LED indicator is green, and the Airport is receiving an IP address correctly. But when I try to browse the internet, no pages will load.

Also, I can't get the printer (Epson Style C62) to work on the network. I installed the printer when it was directly connected to the computer and it works fine. When I plug it into the Airport and install it using Bonjour, nothing will print to it. I know that there are no compatibility issues because I have used this printer with this airport successfully many times before.

Airtunes is the only thing that is working correctly at the moment.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Dell Inspiron E1505, Windows XP Pro