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I pre-ordered an album and it was released today, but I can't get it into my library. When i view the album in the iTunes store it says that i purchased it, but doesn't give me an option to download it or anything.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7
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    Hello nblack18,




    In order to download your pre-order, you'll need to click the download link in the e-mail you've received indicating that your pre-order is available. Alternatively, you can choose 'Check for available downloads' from the Store menu in iTunes.


    Download a pre-ordered item

    When a pre-ordered item becomes available, you will receive an email letting you know that you can download your pre-order.

    If you enabled the option to automatically download prepurchased content in iTunes, then your pre-ordered content may already be in your library. If not, click the download link provided in your email notification, and your pre-ordered content will begin to download. You can also use the Check for Available Downloads feature in iTunes on your computer (choose Store > Check for Available Downloads) to begin downloading your pre-order.

    iTunes Store: About pre-orders