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i would like to share with you how i fixed my iphone 4s after ios 7.0.4 update and lose of wifi, bluetooth greyed out.


Ive resolved the grayed out wifi bluetooth issue, i just wanted to share thia with you and hope it works for you as well.

Firstly i was innocently upgrading a fully working Iphone 4s no problems ever, after the ios 7.0.4 update i lost all wifi and bluetooth which was grey out.


After having contacted apple they told me like everyone else hardwear issues, i never beleived this from the start as the iphone previously worked fine before the update. Also if you check settings - General - about phone - wifi has no address where as before it was fine.I almost believe in my case the ios 7.0.1 has deactivated the wifi hardware by not re-entering a address upon updating as a issue.


As the iphone is out of warrenty apple informed me if the item has a issue we could replace for £166 for out of warrenty, "what for downloading apple software thats prevented a perfect phone from working"! I informed apple this is a common issue and on the apple support communities site many people have this issue, the response was dont believe anything online.


Literally i searched the entire internet for solutions, from trying to downgrade software and use tinyumbrellas software to alter the host settings to enable itune to download without a popup message of  'this device isnt eligible for the requested build' basiscally a block download. To more obscure solutions such as placing the iphone in a freezer or using a hair dryer. Please check these online for further reference.


I would just like to share the fact if all else fails and you dont believe the obscure solutions work please have another rethinken, as they did in my case as id like to share my resolution with you.Please check online for further references if you prefer, but i to was doubtful about this idea and melting the phone etc.


Fix iphone greyed out wifi bluetooth problem - worked on a iphone 4s with recent ios 7.0.4 update worked fine before update on 7.0.3


1.Place a hairdryer 6 inches away, apply heat for 10 sec.


2.Then remove for a few seconds BE CAREFULL KEEP CHECKING.


3.Then repeat, till phone gets hot and upon the screen the iphone will say to hot to use.


4.Switch phone off and let cool down.


5.When you switch on it reactivates the wifi hardware with the software and you can use wifi and bluetooth again.



Im just a normal person thats had apple products for over 15 years due to being a designer, ive been messed about by apple and tried everything on the net and the only reason i post this is to offer a solution that may work for you as it did for me.

If any one has another opinion then that is there opinion, but this worked in my case and what i state is my experience and thoughts on this issues.All i intend is to try and help others as other online advice helpped me.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.4, greyed out wifi bluetooth 7.0.4