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My Iphone 5 is telling me that I do not have enough room to take any addional photos.


I figured that I would plug the iphone in to my macbook pro and import them to iphoto. I plug the phone in via usb and open Iphoto with an unlocked iphone, but iphoto never moves past "loading". I googled the situation and I tried to use Image Capture instead, however, Image Capture doesnt recoignize any photos either. FYI, I use photo Stream too. Photo stream is working. I also tried resting the phone and the computer.


Questions are:



1. What am I doing wrong? Why cant I import photos to my iphoto?

2. What should I do to quickly remove the photos (so that I can take more pics), while ensuring that I wont loose any?




Please help and Thank you!

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4