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I'm hoping someone here may be able to help me as our external server guys have been particularly unhelpful!


I'm the only Mac on a Windows server, which has recently been upgraded (??) to Windows Small Business Server 2011. I've recenty upgraded the work iMac to 10.9, but ever since the server change, I'm having intermittent dificulties saving files. Often, I get and error saying the file cannot be saved as I don't have permission to access the folder - which then worryingly REMOVES the file I'm trying to overwrite WITHOUT WARNING.


If I'm using Photoshop save for web, I get errors when clicking 'Save' to say that it can't, but does save the file, plus a second with a gibberish file name.


Most worryingly though, is that now on two occasions caused the iMac to crash and shutdown immediately, which is not good at all. Once was moving a file to overwrite another in the Finder, the second (today) was saving from Illustrator.


I'd noticed weird things with our old 2003 server before the switch and when I was still on 10.6 - mainly that my iMac was slow when connected (Adobe apps etc opened in a flash when unconnected, but took minutes when plugged in), but now I'm on 10.9 and the new server installed, these saving issues have arisen. (I ended up wiping the Mac and completely reinstalling everything to cure that slowness issue - never did find out what it was!).


The server guys are adamant that this has nothing to do with the server, and is all linked to my iMac - personally I'm not so sure, but I'm asking here to see if anyone else has had issues? It seems like some kind of permission problem? Do I need any special network settings for it to play nicely with the Windows server? My internet, email all goes through it, and I use it to store my work, but I'm not linked to any other server software in any way.


If anyone may have any clues to help I'd be really grateful!


Many thanks!



iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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    If it was my company and my "server guys", and everyone else was using Windows without issue, I'd insist that you use Windows. I agree with your "server guys". If the network is working and no other users are experiencing issues, then there is something wrong with your computer configuration or the applications it is running.


    We are not there to troubleshoot which makes it difficult to do so. We have no visibility into your computer, the server, or the network.

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    Thanks for the response - this is why I'm asking though- I can't see anything on the iMac which would be causing this, and saving files to a folder on a server is a pretty basic fuction, and I can't risk the crashes. I don't see how the iMac connection would be causing this, or for the files to 'vanish' but if it is the iMac settings I'll need to find a fix. Every one else is okay, but I'm the only one using this software and filetypes. Surely the Windows software would have some kind of instructions for connecting Macs?


    I was hoping someone may have experience and if any additional network settings might be needed. I will check with Apple support also to see if they have any info, but thought I may get a good response here.


    What I meant by the "server guys" is that's it's an external company we pay to look after it - so I'd hoped they might have at least looked into it for me, but it's a brick wall "We don't support Macs" response... which is why I think it's unhelpful - even though they supplied the software knowing it needs to have multiplatform support...


    It's really frustrating.





    And I hope nobody does insist I use Windows... please... I'd have to leave....




    EDIT - "We"?? - Do you work for them!?

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    "We" meaning the people who read and respond to the posts here in this community.

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    Heh.. thought I'd put my foot right in it for a moment.


    I've tried on the Windows Server support forum, and no mention there either... I'll keep asking around but if anyone has come across any issues and can help I'd be very grateful!



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    Someone may happen by with some ideas so check back here too.