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Hi there,


I am a former Apple user. About a year ago i decided to turn my back on Apple (reasons are not relevant right now). My ex-girlfriend however continues to use an iPhone, and since i bought a lot of music and apps for my iPhone, which i then gave to her, i changed my Apple ID email to her email address.

Now that i have an Android phone i would like to add the music i purchased on iTunes to my Android Phone music library. Unfortunately i cant get to my music because i have no access to that email address.

Ok, you'll probably say "tough luck, your Ex is the only one who can access your purchases now". Unfortunately this is not the case. I dont understand the technicalities behind it, but her email address cant login eitehr, so now there is an account somewhere in the depths of APples DB, that neither of us can access, containing the music i want to get my hands on.


Any suggestions hwo i might be able to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Windows 7