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I have these scratches on my IPad air that I think I got from using a Adonit Jot pro stylus. It freaks me out so bad because I've never had scratches on anything else, and I have a android tablet with no scratches, android smartphone with no scratches and an iPod touch 5th generation which I've had for 2 year with no scratches. You can't see them if you look directly but if you turn it (when the screen has been cleaned) you can clearly see them they don't indent the screen but I can see them and I'm worried that if I ever drop it that it would shatter because of them, I hope it isn't anything serious because I don't have the money to replace the screen and I absolutely HATE screen protectors and only if he's absolutely mandatory that I would EVER Get a screen protector..so what are your thoughts guys?

iOS 7.0.4, 4 Months old iPad
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    You hate screen protectors and can't abide by scratches. If the Adonit Jot scratched the screen of your iPad, it's hard to figure what would remedy the issue - except a screen protector, which you hate. You've backed yourself into a corner on that one.


    I only see a few options (which you have do doubt considered):

    1. Get a new iPad screen - about $100+, before installation; install isn't easy

    2. Get a new iPad - you know the price on these

    3. Get a screen protector - and here's my question: Why are you so absolutely opposed to getting a screen protector? Are you aware that, with a good installation, a screen protector is completely invisible?

    4. Deal wtih it - a scratched screen won't crack or shatter any differently than a new one. This is the cheapest solution.


    Also, be sure to sell the Adonit Jot on eBay. It's unmatched for fineness of line, but I'd only get one if it came with a screen protector.


    Post with your thoughts. I'm sure you aren't the first to ask.