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Ipod duplicates albums. All the same artist, same everything. How can I fix this?


All the details are the same. In my itunes library it shows as ONE whole album. When I import it to my ipod classic 160 gb it duplicates it about 4 times; it's quite irritating. It does that for 2 albums in particular and I have no idea why. Please help! Thank you.

iPod classic
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    Hi alondres,


    Welcome to the Support Communities!


    Use the information in the following article to review the information in the iTunes database for the artist / albums you are having issues with.  Make sure the information you want is exactly the same in the artist and album fields.

    Playing and managing content in iTunes



    Editing Info


    Each audio or video file in iTunes has several settings and tags that can be easily modified. These options can be accessed by selecting any file in the iTunes browser windows and selecting "Get Info" from the File menu. You can add song lyrics, artwork and set special playback options. The "Info" tab lets you edit information about the file including artist and album info.


    Once you have updated the information, close the iTunes application on the computer.  Then reopen and resync to your iPod.





    - Judy